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Luis is a professional disc jockey, with over 12 years of experience with repertoire of different styles of music, since chill-out, Lounge-Latin Music-Latin pop-alternative-hip-hop-Latin house-dance-house, old styles, etc. His principles were in clubs of the city of Guadalajara in Mexico, but after he moved to live to Spain, he began his music sessions in pubs and nightclubs, at first making music sessions such as British-pop, alternative, rock-pop, hip-hop, then when he started to get more calls from other clubs and invitations to dance competitions and congresses, he decided to join the staff of international salsa congresses, he was working till 2010 as a Dj staff in the international salsa congress in Europe. There have been many clubs, nightclubs, congress, hotels, restaurants where Luis has played his best mixes, also shared decks with many professional international DJ´s. Luis is working around Europe spinning sessions of music in many Countries, such as, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Holland, France, Belgium, Hungary, Portugal, Estonia, Sweden, Czech Republic, Romania, Norway, Poland.etc. Currently he is doing Latin music projects, doing remixes of hits and his new project which is ready, the incursion in singing, doing their own interpretations, with own lyrics and producing own music. In Tallinn you can enjoy his sessions in different places here some: Club Baila , Miff , Manna la Roosa , Club Havana , Algoth Distillery and Bar,Cubanita Live Cafe. also in private parties To hire a session of music just send a private message by box or call.

Arte Latino Dance School

Creating dancers, who enjoy Latin dances, Salsa-Bachata-Kizomba
Our school is new in Tallinn and we have a new concept teaching Latin dances such as: Salsa, Bachata, Cha-cha, Merengue, Latin Street Dance,Reggaeton. Is open to all persons between 15 and 50 years old, who are interested in learning how to dance. We strive every day to be better and then to give the best and freshest knowledge to our students, giving the necessary tips and techniques  to this way  they can learn in a quick, safe and lot of fun.

We are specialized and are professionally able to teach different styles; here each dance styles that you can learn in our school ArteLatino-SalsaKool.

  • L.A. Salsa Style on 1
  • N.Y.Salsa style  on 2
  • Cuban Timba.
  • Bachata Classic style and Sensual.
  • Cha-cha-cha.
  • Merengue.
  • Kizomba.
  • Choreographies.
  • Spinning Technique.

We have about 14 years experience teaching hundred of people the most original  way, with the most original body movements to execute the correct combinations.

We are Latins; we  teaching how to dance Salsa and Bachata in Tallinn, our environment is the most typical, simple,nice and funny,enjoy our classes after your stressful daily routine.

We were dancing for many years around Europe and Latin America, travelling and getting knowledge at international salsa congress, privates courses with professional international instructors and sharing dances with a lot of people from many countries,
Nowadays we are established in Tallinn, Estonia to show Estonian people how they can dance, we want our students enjoy how we dance in Latin America, We try to teach  part of our culture, thereby they have  a new option to learn to dance.

Our job is to make you relax have fun, learn and enjoy our classes, we have a style of work as the Latin American, with nice mood,we want, when you come to learn to our studio you can feel as you are in a big family and Latino community, do not forget that although we are in Estonia, you always will have at your disposal a native teacher from Latin America.

We are the most Native Latin America dance school in Estonia, and we like to teach the real Latin way, we can prepare to you for dance  just for fun or we can do in a Professional level.

We are waiting for you and we are glad you choose our studio.


Luis Izzo
Time Esmaspäev Kolmapäev
20:30 Salsa Int. Salsa Int.
15:30 Reggaeton

Uus Kursus Reggaeton 1 õppetund
Ainult 3 Eurot.
7 Detsember



His musical career began in 2013 when he decided to start producing music for himself, Luis started taking singing lessons with specialized teachers singing pop music. Has started a new project with his new band and a new album will be produced in 2016, Latin music, including styles such as : Salsa, Bachata, Latin Pop, Electro Latino, Balads among others styles. His style of music with hot rhythms and with special mention to his lyrics are full of metaphors and romance. Simultaneously he is producing a music video clips for his next single. The new album called Evoluciones Vol.3 will be available from late March and also you can buy it in online stores or straight download in this webpage. Luis feel a lucky man to have the opportunity to convey through music his thoughts and experiences to express emotions besides people who follow him. If you like a romantic music, if you like to dance a a rhythm song, you should listening his music, and you can feel identified with his music.